LG does the accounting, financial and tax due diligence of your own company or any company your wish to acquire. This due diligence allows us to have a better understanding of the business and itemize its strengths and weaknesses.

Our code of ethics imposes us rigor, integrity and impartiality.

We are bound to professional secrecy.

As we are both accountants and entrepreneurs, we understand your vision and your most important goals. Expertise and multidisciplinary approach are the assets that allow us to deeply analyze the observed company, and advise you when risks or opportunities occur.

We contribute to your growth by providing our experience, and we adapt your orientation in an efficient way.

The due diligences allow us to advise you on such topics as strategic growth, competitiveness and breakout plans.

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About Lieutenant Guillaume

LG was founded for entrepreneurs by an entrepreneur. This proximity allows us to better understand your objectives and your opportunities while helping you better understanding your legal duties.