In addition to our tax and accounting missions, LG provides legal support to your activity.

Thanks to our expertise, we can assist you in such domains as:

-Writing and/or proofreading of your statuses;

-Writing and registration of commercial lease;

-Writing and/or proofreading of a beneficial ownership;

-Writing and/or proofreading of a shareholder agreement;

-Writing and/or proofreading of a contract of transfer of copyright/ancillary rights;

-Writing and/or proofreading of a management agreement or any other cooperation agreement;

-Studying and managing your company’s legal duties such as the general meeting report or hiring/resignation;

-Writing and /or negotiation of contracts for the disposal of equity shares or business capital;

A specialized lawyer can help if required.

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About Lieutenant Guillaume

LG was founded for entrepreneurs by an entrepreneur. This proximity allows us to better understand your objectives and your opportunities while helping you better understanding your legal duties.