LG helps entrepreneurs structure their business model and propel their financial plan. We thoroughly analyze your idea before challenging it during our meetings together.We study the sustainability of your project before launching it, and we propose an iterative process regarding the improvements.

A wide range of possibilities is available from the status of independent to that of the creation of a company.

If you decide to create a company, we provide counsel as to which legal structure matches the best with your sector and investor profile. We help you achieve your company’s articles, and we can also register your trademark or logo if you desire so.

We also explain the implications regarding VAT subjection, and you will become no stranger to concepts such as the enterprise counter service, access to the business, social secretariats, the subsides available, social contributions, the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises, the advance payment statements.

We take care of the administrative and legal procedures necessary for establishing a business and help you manage and sustain your professional development on a daily basis.


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About Lieutenant Guillaume

LG was founded for entrepreneurs by an entrepreneur. This proximity allows us to better understand your objectives and your opportunities while helping you better understanding your legal duties.