LG provides you both professional and personal tax advice.

We produce intermediary forecasts before each tax report in order to prevent fiscal risk. We simulate and outline several licit possibilities in order to reduce taxing. We optimize the very special relationship between the manager/director and his company.

We also advise our customer about copyrights. We take care not only of making the demand to the competent administration, but also of making the ad hoc statements.

We adopt a broad perspective concerning your situation by advising you as well about other taxes such as inheritance and registration fees.

We stay aware of any change in the law or any tax incentive.

When it comes to litigation, we assist any request for information, or in the case of a complaint, or even a control, with one of the tax administrations. 

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About Lieutenant Guillaume

LG was founded for entrepreneurs by an entrepreneur. This proximity allows us to better understand your objectives and your opportunities while helping you better understanding your legal duties.