01The lieutenant is a trustful person who either replaces the boss or assists him. Just like this front-line officer, the tax accountant represents his client as a proxy and/or advises him about his economic activities or his tax situation.

02The military symbol refers to our disciplined work, our determination to succeed our empowered missions and our “esprit de corps”. We are proud of the professional quality of our work and we insist on the team work.

03Helping entrepreneurs to create great businesses is our mainspring. Our multidisciplinary associates, entrepreneurial culture and reputation are our assets.

Un cabinet actif

04We monitor the economic and tax environment on a daily basis in order to prevent any change for our clients. We notify any new opportunity and protect their interests against new threats, whether they come from the outside or the inside.

05Our company is a valuable asset as it allows a multidisciplinary approach and a personalized relationship with our customers. In fact, we are big enough to work on important projects yet small enough to maintain a straightforward relationship with our customers.

06Time and knowledge are our raw materials. We are continuously investing in them through technology and human capital for they enhance our Office’s growth and prestige.


07Our Code of Conduct conforms to that of a tax accountant. We will perform our work both with integrity and impartiality. If a mission and/or a customer generates any sort of conflict as regards our Code of Conduct, we will refuse the mandate.

08We consider the other Offices as counterparts. This strong feeling that unites us with our peers doesn’t prevent us from fostering a deep competitor spirit and the will to outdo ourselves.

09All the data we process is confidential. We will never mention the substance of our missions outside of the Office. We wish to nurture secrecy in an ever more public world.

10We carefully choose our collaborators. Their diverse profiles and professional expertise stimulate our rapid growth and our ongoing search for excellence.