Our recruitment process always begins by an internship, whether it is a one year work-study contract, a spring internship required during your studies, or a summer internship during your school vacation.


There is no standard as regards the profile of our collaborators. Their diversity is what we consider as our greatest asset. We seek to enrich our Office with different conceptions and knowledge.

We always work in pairs. You will be introduced to a mentor upon your arrival in the Office. The latter will guide and initiate you to our Culture and our profession.

As students, it is not requisite for you to have any experience of working in a trustee or any other company. We best seek and value the candidate’s own inner qualities and commitment to the Office’s values.

We advocate strong ethical discipline, passion for numbers, intellectual curiosity, outdoing oneself, teamwork and pride to help our customers build great companies.

After the recruitment, we will work on developing your skills and will teach you our profession’s characteristics. In order to do so, you will attend both internal and external training units, borne by our Office.

Starting your career within our Office is a genuine opportunity as we offer attractive salary and the possibility to continue to specialize. info@lieutenantguillaume.com

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